PTSD Assessments

What is trauma? Do I have PTSD?

Most people have some experience with a potentially traumatic event: accidents, violence, abuse, assault, disasters, loss, and many other things. But not everyone has a traumatic response to these events. 

Sometimes combat veterans don't develop PTSD.

But sometimes people are traumatized by the loss of a pet or a job. 

And sometimes people develop PTSD just by learning about an event that happened to someone else. 

We don't always understand how the brain works, but we do know how to help people feel better after trauma. 

Trauma is the nervous system's response to a threat or perceived threat

We offer trauma assessments. In about an hour, we can provide a comprehensive assessment to help you understand if you have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and we can tell you about the treatment options. 

Trauma is like a psychological injury, and, like many other injuries, trauma can heal with good treatment--even if it's been decades since the traumatic event.