The Center for Trauma Recovery and Counseling Collective (CTRC Collective LLC) is a group of health care providers whose focus is on helping people recover from all types of trauma. Each provider has their own unique approach and training, but all of us work toward the common goal of recovery. Read more about us below!

Dr. Joshua Bishop, PhD, LMSW

Specialties: Trauma, Abuse, Executive Coaching, Therapist for Therapists, Clergy, Veterans

My Approach.

I provide general counseling, but I have a specialty in treating trauma, abuse, and PTSD. I'm trained in three evidence-based therapies for treating the effects of trauma (evidence-based means they have been shown to be effective through rigorous research studies). During your first appointments, we'll determine the plan for your therapy. Some approaches emphasize talking, while others have very little talking. Some use creative elements and story, while others work directly to treat your brain. Often, it takes as little as 3-5 hours to notice a significant difference.

My Goal.

I want to help you find healing. Trauma and grief can mess with your daily functioning, your ability to feel emotions, and your relationships with others. Let's reconnect your mind, body, and emotions so that the real you can live in the real world without fear.

My Clients.

I've worked with children, teens, and adults. They've been survivors of physical abuse, sexual abuse, assault, cancer, accidents, addiction, loss, and everyday stress. They are moms, dads, foster kids, veterans, law enforcement, clergy, and everything in between.

Haley Borrow, LLMSW

Specialties: Young Adults, Trauma, LGBTQIA+

***Accepting new patients***

I believe that every person who is seeking therapy has already taken the first step toward positive change. This is often the most difficult step of the healing process. My goal is to help you feel comfortable in your first few appointments so that we can work on what you feel is the most relevant. My approach to therapy involves an empathetic and validating perspective for an individual's experiences. I seek to find strengths within each person and assist them in building upon those strengths within therapy. My top priority is that clients feel a sense of welcome and safety.

I have experience working with adults and college students who have anxiety and depression, and I am trained in evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Processing Therapy for treating PTSD. I am licensed to treat a variety of concerns and issues, and I strive to provide a space for growing and healing within the counseling setting.

Feel free to email or call me with questions about how therapy works if this is your first time, or to set up an appointment if you are ready to do so!

See my Psychology Today Profile here.

Melissa Brophy, LPC, CAADC, TF-CBT

Specialties: Trauma, Abuse, Adolescents, Addictions, Foster Care

Beyond Trauma Counseling

(616) 747-0550


The ups and downs in life can be unexpected and difficult. I believe that the support of one caring person can have a significant impact. Over the past 30 years, I have strived to partner with my clients to help them address, better understand, and cope with challenging life situations.

My specialty is treating trauma. I have been practicing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) since 2009. Along with teaching relaxation, mindfulness, and coping skills, I support clients in better recognizing and effectively dealing with anxiety, depression, abuse, and post-traumatic symptoms.

I've worked with survivors of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, addiction, accidents, loss, and everyday stress. Additionally, I have extensive experience supporting those involved with the foster care system and adoption. Let me help you move towards positive change.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified as an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Nationally Certified as a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I work with ages 13+.

Angela Matthews, LLMSW

Specialties: First Responders, Law Enforcement, Veterans, Trauma

Critical Response Counseling & Consulting


***Accepting new patients***

I have over 17 years of experience as a first responder, and have extensive training in crisis work. I have been a crisis hostage negotiator for over 7 years, trained in both adult and youth CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training, and am an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Champion through the MI ACE Initiative. I hold a certification for combat veterans, and I have trained in several trauma informed modalities such as CBT and CPT however, the most recent is a form of neurolinguistic processing that does not require any conversation about your traumatic event(s) and works in as little as 2 hours!!

While I work with ALL adults and adolescents, I specialize in first responders (law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, corrections, dispatchers, medical examiners, prosecutors, doctors/surgeons, nurses, etc) and veterans/active service members, their spouses, and families.

While there is still a stigma with asking for help, the first responder culture has an even larger wall to conquer, where it can quite literally mean the difference between life and death!

I provide general counseling however, I specialize in trauma, PTSD, grief/loss and moral injury. I utilize a combination of modalities to ensure the best results. Additionally, I provide confidentiality so that you can focus on healing rather than worry about possible repercussions. My goal is to help you heal so that you can enjoy everything life has to offer you.

See my Psychology Today Profile here. See my Therapy Den Profile here.

Janet Stark, LLMSW

Specialties: Trauma, Abuse, Couples, Trauma-Informed Couples Counseling, Women's Issues

***Accepting new patients***

People attend therapy for many reasons. Often, they have a sense that all is not well, even if they don’t have language to explain what they feel or why. I believe that honoring this knowing is one of the bravest things we can do and is an essential step in recovering a sense of well-being.

My role as a therapist is to join with clients to explore the beliefs, hopes, fears, and struggles that are all part of what it means to be human. My approach is primarily relational, building a foundation of trust and safety in the therapeutic relationship, which is necessary for change and growth. I believe each person is the expert in their story, and work to help clients connect to their authentic selves and the resources they already possess.

I have a Master’s in Clinical Social Work from WMU, where I earned a trauma specialization. I have worked with adults dealing with complex trauma, anxiety, depression, and life transitions as well as couples seeking relationship growth or help with relationship challenges. I also completed a Certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care and spent 15 years leading groups designed to help people explore their stories of trauma.

I work with ages 21+, both individuals and couples. If you are interested in the possibility of working together, feel free to contact me to set up an appointment, or schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation to see if we might be a good fit.

See my Psychology Today profile here.

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