Treatment Groups

A different option: join a trauma treatment group

  • Sometimes it's hard to find a trauma therapist with availability. Another great option is to join a trauma treatment group.

  • This is a therapy group using the principals of Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD (backed by extensive research). It's not just a support group where people share their perspectives or feelings (although you will feel supported)--it's a group with a clear goal to help you resolve your trauma and move forward in life.

  • Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes. Treatment lasts 12-15 weeks. Group members may be able to schedule limited individual sessions during or after those 12-15 weeks.

  • Group therapy is much cheaper than individual therapy ($40-70 per 90 minute session, depending on the size of the group).

  • Groups are led by Josh Bishop, PhD, LMSW, owner of CTRC

  • Learn more about Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) here: Listen to a podcast about CPT here:

Group FAQs

  • Are you asking me to share with others the worst thing that ever happened? Nope. In groups, we will work on helping you think clearly about what happened to you by identifying where you are stuck. Often, this has something to do with what you've told yourself the trauma means. We'll talk about that, but you won't be asked to share (or listen to) the details of a specific traumatic event.

  • Can I join a group at any time? No. Once groups are formed, they are closed an no one new can join.

  • Who is the group for? This is a group for people who have experienced a traumatic event(s) and who want to recover from the effects of this trauma on health, life, relationships, self-esteem, etc. Before the group begins, you'll be interviewed by the therapist to make sure it will be a good fit.

  • Will it be awkward? Yup, probably at times, but it will also be life-changing. Like any group, it takes a bit to get to know each other, but groups are a great experience because you get help AND you give help. It feels good to do both!

  • How many people are in a group? About 4-7 people are in each group.